Zero Shibuya 2 Wire Accessories

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Zero Shibuya 2 Wire Accessories

The spherical glass shade of the Shibuya Lamp casts light in a playful way, illumination dances upon surfaces to create unique patterns. Combined with the aluminium shades, the contrast in materials and shapes is striking. The shades are suspended from 1.5m of wire to emphasise its beauty and is available in different pendant fittings (start, plus or end depending on where it will be fitted to the wire) and shade colours for a more customised and tailored appearance. Suspended from a wire, this modern light source is available with accessories sold separately by Paperrooms:

- 3mm Wire
- Turnbuckle
- French Screw with Loop
- Wire-lock

In zigzag, stricter or even slightly chaotic configurations between walls, ceilings and poles, with the electric cable running along the wire from one to the next. There are endless possibilities for this pendant. The lamp can be purchased seperately through Paperrooms.

Thomas Bernstrand trained as a designer in both Sweden and Denmark. He has collaborated with a number of companies and has held exhibitions at Colette in Paris and MOMA in New York.

Designed by Thomas Bernstrand - 2014

"Unique attraction - We make technical lighting decorative.”

Zero Interiör was founded in 1978 with the vision of making unique light fixtures for a design-interested audience. These products, in combination with a deep understanding of how best to illuminate public indoor and outdoor environments, is at the heart of their identity. From the start, their creation of unique environments has been praised in both Sweden and abroad, thanks to their guiding principles: quality, environmental care and innovation.