Marset Tam Tam 3 Suspension Lamp

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  • Brand: Marset
  • Product Code: Tam Tam 3


Marset Tam Tam 3 Suspension Lamp

The Tam Tam, a new perception on what a light can be. By repeating the archetypal lampshade: a number of light sources pointed in different directions, geometrically arranged to invoke a feeling of organised chaos. The Tam Tam consists of a central shade lacquered aluminium, to which various satellite shades are attached. These satellites can be rotated through 360º. All of the shades feature an opalescent, methacrylate diffuser which softens the light.

The Tam Tam suspension lamp is available in two sizes: a regular size with either 3 or 5 satellite shades and a mini size with 3 satellite shades. All are constructed with a central shade in black or off-white. The satellite shades are specified by you in any combination of black, off-white, orange, green, brown, sand and blue.

Colours: Central Shade black or white. Tam Tam 3 is available with 3 satellite shades. Each shade can be personalised in any of the following colours: black, white, orange, brown, green or sand.

Material: A central shade in lacquered aluminium (Ø 50cm), to which are attached various satellite shades (Ø 35cm) that can be rotated through 360º. An opalescent methacrylate diffuser softens the light.

Dimensions: 85.9 width x 102.7 depth x 34.9cm height.

Bulb req: 9 x E27 FBT 18w or 9 x E27 HSGSA/C/V 42w (not included).

Designed by Fabien Dumas - 2011.

Marset Tam Tam 3 Suspension Lamp

Marset create contemporary, refined lighting designs. Focusing on the nuances and effects light has on a space and atmosphere. This brings character into your space and aims to improve your quality of life.

The main characteristics of their collection are an authentic feel, meaningful simplicity and a decorative yet restrained visual approach. Through technical precision and creative innovation designs such as Discoco, Ginger, Funiculí and Pleat Box are formed.