Marset Pleat Box Suspension Lamp

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Marset Pleat Box Suspension Lamp

The Pleat Box is the result of the first collaboration between Xavier Mañosa (a master ceramicist from Barcelona), the Mashallah design studio in Berlin, and Marset.

The idea behind the Pleat Box is a sophisticated combination between a digitally designed crease in a piece of cloth and a silhouette that is applied to a ceramic base.

Colours: The outer part of the lamp is available in white, grey, black, terracotta, and brown ceramic. The interior is available in brilliant white enamel, which enhances the luminous light from the lamp, or 24k gold, which generates an extremely warm light. The Brown shade is only available in Pleat Box 13 and 24. 

Material: Ceramic diffuser with the inner part in brilliant white enamel or gold. Ceramic canopy. Fabric electrical cord.

Dimensions: Pleat Box 13 - 11.5dia x 26cm h. Pleat Box 24 - 21 dia x 18cm h. Pleat Box 36 - 34 dia x 16cm h. Pleat Box 47 - 44 dia x 26cm h

Bulb req: Pleat Box 13 - E27 Halo 30W Max, E27 LED Reflector 8W. Pleat Box 24 - E14 Halo 30W, E14 LED 5W. Pleat Box 36 - E14 Halo 46W max, E14 LED 5W. Pleat Box 47 - E27 Halo 77W Max, E27 LED Standard 8W.

Designed by Xavier Mañosa & Mashallah - 2011.

Marset Pleat Box Suspension Lamp

Marset create contemporary, refined lighting designs. Focusing on the nuances and effects light has on a space and atmosphere. This brings character into your space and aims to improve your quality of life.

The main characteristics of their collection are an authentic feel, meaningful simplicity and a decorative yet restrained visual approach. Through technical precision and creative innovation designs such as Discoco, Ginger, Funiculí and Pleat Box are formed.